She’s off and running!!!

And so it begins…

July 29, 2018  in the wee hours of the morning, two groups of cars; one departing from Newark, NJ, that held me, my daughter, my sister Mia and her hubby (the driver) and the other, departing from Trenton w my mom and twin sister Yoshi, all headed to Philadelphia Airport.  It all seemed so surreal that it was finally happening…I was headed to Beijing, China!  Before I really got on my way, I had a 6 hour layover in Chicago, but I had arranged to see my paternal Aunt Deany and her husband, Al, during that time, so I was scooped up and went to their home and had a huge hot breakfast.  They are quite well traveled,  so they showed me scrapbooks from their many travels in and around South East Asia. It felt good to have th right support and expertise as I began this journey!  Once I got back the plane…I had 13 hours of flying time…ohhhhhh wee!  The seats are close together…I expected a little more room,  but you don’t get that unless you pay extra… note to self…might jump on that for my Christmas return.

3 thoughts on “She’s off and running!!!

  1. You are quite brave. I would have peed my pants already!!!! Take it all in. And take no crap from anyone!!!!


  2. Hi Kaz,
    I hope this gets to you on the other side. We had a diff site but found you. Love your updates and Pics !! You are a terrific journalist. Brings back special memories😊. Aunt and I will check in the blog from time to time and re-live the journey though you. As the late Aretha would say-show the staring Asians you are a “Natural Woman”😊. She passed today.
    Aund Dee and Uncle


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