Abu Dhabi/Dubai

For the better part of a year, I have been dying to get to Abu Dhabi to visit my friend who lives there…I finally got the chance!  On October 1-7, China had it’s first national holiday, Mid Autumn Festival where basically everything shuts down and people enjoy the country and all it has to offer in terms of tourism sites or they opt to leave and go on vacation.   I opted for vacation!  😁✈️  Gotta start collecting those passport stamps!


From Beijing, the flight to Dubai is 8 hours long. Abu Dhabi is an hour drive away from there. Boy,  was it cold on that plane!  I had a cap, jacket, long sleeve shirt and all,  but it was like a refrigerator!  While much of my trip was rest and relaxation… it was much needed. I work long hours so my body gave in to sleeping late and/or taking naps all week.   The temperature during the day was about 90 degrees.  So I was happy to work on my final tan of the year! One of the highlights was finding out an old friend of mine from Asbury Park, NJ was there, working for the Embassy!  We had an incredible night out together catching up.  We had dinner for half price on Ladies Night at a hotel and they served FREE drinks to us as part of the deal!  Unheard of!

I encourage everyone to visit this land of opulence… just once.  It’s incredible!


Be sure to click on the photo to get a little info!

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