Japan…Spring Break 2019

Having a name of Japanese origins, it has always been my dream to someday visit Japan. I finally got my chance.  Myself and two colleagues, Saskia and Tigra,  mapped out a plan to visit Tokyo (4 days), Kyoto (2 days), and Osaka (2 days) within 7 days time.  (We were met on this trip by two other colleagues, Robin and Lubna as well.  Robin and I would travel to Hanoi together just 3 weeks later.)  This is/was no easy feat at all.  It required a great deal of planning , subway and trip hopping, but we managed to do it.  Japan is vastly different than China…the whole vibe is better, in my opinion.  The air is clean, the streets are clean,  and the natives are friendlier.

Yes, they sometimes look at us people of color with curiosity, they are far more polite and respectful towards you overall.   They even line up in queue to get on the subway; no pushing and shoving going on over there.  AMAZING!

Believe it or not, I am the one who suggested we try sleeping in the pods while in Kyoto.  I figured two days of bunk style living wouldn’t kill us. It didn’t hurt at all.  There is enough space to sleep well.  The place where we stayed was really neat and clean.  The genders are separated by floor and you have to be quiet at night.  Reminded me of a college dorm situation.  Two nights was enough for that experiment but I would definitely recommend it.  The owner was a really nice lady who had spent some 15 years or so living in the United States.

Because it took me forever to get all these photos on…they are very much so out of order…please forgive me.  I will edit and switch things around in a bit, but I figure you guys have waited long enough…next up…photos from Hanoi, Vietnam!   I am getting there.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!  🙂



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