Scenes from Beijing

Beijing is quite congested and there seems to be people, bikes and scooters everywhere.  They have designated areas that run along side the roadways and street for them to  ride their bikes and scooters but they always manage to be on the sidewalks….

Another interesting thing about being here is that ALL foreigners must register w the police.  Yup!  Failing to do so could spell trouble… the rental agent will work with you, even taking you to the local station to facilitate this task…

Have I been getting stares?  Yup!  Touching not an issue thus far….I just smile and say  hello in Chinese.. ni hao (knee how)!


Here are a few flicks from what I’ve seen thus far…the streets, one of  the markets we visited and a few faces from the BIBS Company.  Not all of us are at the same school, there are three different campus spread out in this area.




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